May 2014 - Australian River Restoration Centre

  • Delivering on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

    Accreditation: Jonathan La Nauze Manager, Healthy Ecosystems Program Australian Conservation Foundation or 0402 904 251 The Murray-Darling Basin Plan just might set our nation’s hardest working river on a sustainable course. Or it could join the list of great Australian reforms that fell over in their implementation. How should we tackle the implementation challenge […]

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  • The River Wensum is the Winner of the Inaugural England River Prize


    The announcement was made at the River Restoration Centre’s 15th annual conference at Sheffield City Hall last night. The England River Prize was presented to the winning team by International RiverFoundation (IRF) Ambassador Alastair Driver and the River Restoration Centre (RRC) Chairman Fiona Bowles. The prize was awarded by a partnership of the RRC, WWF-UK, […]

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