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  • What is your clean water worth to you?

    Thanks to Twitter (yet again) I was alerted to this amazing web site called I count for my earth and videos on water.  The video is called “Tapped” and covers everything from chemicals (including endocrine disrupting chemicals) in the water, to the amount of landfill created each year by plastic bottles used for selling drinking […]

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  • The House on the Hill : the transformation of Australia’s farming communities

    On the land and in country towns, the battle to survive goes on forever. Increasingly, the world needs food and fibre, but squeezes out the communities which provide them. Young people leave, farmers sell up, towns die, football teams amalgamate, communities keep reinventing themselves.

    What’s going on? What can we do?

    Neil Barr looks close up, and he looks at the big picture. What affects real people on the land affects everybody.

    This is the second of our book summaries/reviews. Neil Barr, the author, was funded by Land & Water Australia (LWA) to write this book and it has got to be one of the best publications LWA produced (in my opinion as a non scientist)

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  • Out of the Scientist’s Garden: a Story of Water and Food

    Out of the Scientist's GardenOver the next few months we will be bringing you a series of posts on publications produced by Land & Water Australia over the last 20 years. We would really like to highlight some of the wonderful work undertaken and tell you about the publications which provide the detail of this work.

    Richard Stirzaker’s Out of the Scientist’s Garden is a true classic and was funded through Land & Water Australia.  A few months ago Richard opened his garden up to the public through the Australian Open Gardens scheme and I got to see his work first hand.   I was in complete awe of his ability to provide a food supply for a whole family from an ordinary suburban block in Canberra.  Also I managed to purchase an autographed copy of Richard’s book.

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