Guest post by Greg Peters from Riverness

We’ve all crossed a Sandy, Dry, Boggy, Deep, Stony or Kangaroo Creek in our travels. But what about those strange named, one-of-a-kind creeks?

Here’s a list of my top ten weird waterways:

✅ Forlorn Hope Creek

I always think it’s good to start a list in a positive frame of mind.

✅ Minnibar Creek

Everyone loves a minibar!

✅ Pick A Tooth Creek

Any tooth.

✅ Good Morning Bill Creek

I really hope there’s a Bill who drives over that creek every day. He deserves it.

✅ Colac Colac Creek (featured in the image above)

The trick to all place names in the north-east – don’t say it like you see it. Try Clack Clack.

✅ Dead Bull Creek, Dead Calf Creek and Dead Horse Creek

Riparian fencing never had an easier sell than these names.

✅ Murdering Hut Creek

And his ghost may be heard…

✅ Kill Me Dead Creek


✅ Nabocleesh Creek

The story I was told – there was a picnic at the creek and someone asked the local Gaelic priest what he’d name it. In a thick Irish accent he gave it a name but no-one understood. He said it again but again no-one understood. In frustration, he said “Na bac leis” which roughly translates to “don’t worry about it”. And the name stuck.

✅ Rellimeiggam Creek

Backwards it’s Maggie Miller. No idea why.


Any you’d like to add to the list?