Edition 34: Bringing Back Native Fish

Edition 34 of RipRap is on ‘bringing back native fish’, and contains 60 pages of great articles featuring fish related science, on-ground works, oral history and community engagement from across Australia. It is a wonderful, uplifting edition, great to hand out at conferences, workshops and field days, as well as to have in the tea room at work, and as a reference document on what is happening ‘fish-wise’ in different parts of the country. – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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  • Smart partnerships bring back native fish – John Koehn
  • Fish finding a new way from the sea to Hume Dam  – Jim Barrett, Martin Mallen Cooper
  • Heavy traffic on fish highway – Tim Marsden, Darren Jennings
  • River changes make better roads for fish  – Martin Prendergast
  • ARRC creating a new buzz with Curate Bee – Sandra D’Souza, Siwan Lovett
  • New homes reserved for Macquarie Perch – Mark Lintermans, Ben Broadhurst
  • Gudgeon hits a purple patch – Adam Watt, Nick Whiterod, Chris Bice, Michael Hammer
  • True Tales from a lost world – Will Trueman
  • Communities help native fish to thrive – John Koehn, Mark Lintermans
  • Collaboration is the key to better Murray Cod fishing  – Matt Barwick
  • Fishers unite to improve river health – Christopher Collins
  • Resnagging the Murray River – Jarod Lyon
  • Show us how it’s done – demonstration reaches – Native Fish Strategy Coordinators
  • Commissioning water for fish  – Anthea Brecknell
  • A longer look at riparian restoration – Sam Lake, Paul Reich
  • Talking Fish preserves river memories – Scott Nichols
  • Early Aborigines active managers of native fish – Will Trueman
  • Murray Cod – creator of the river – Alan Ginns
  • Clever cage keeps carp out – Anthony Conallin, Ivor Stuart
  • Lachlan catchment cleaning out carp – Wayne Fulton, Martin Asmus
  • A numbers game for Murray Cod – Paul Brown
  • Fish and flows – John Conallin, Skye Wassens
  • A tropical protection project – Amy Kimber, Mark Kennard
  • Climate change with a freshwater twist – Peter Davies, Paul Close
  • Water levels – the golden key – Scott Hardie
  • Community efforts save a small native fish  – Lori Gould, Luke Pearce


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