Edition 36: Celebrating Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

It’s here! This edition of RipRap has amazing articles featuring great people and places. It is a truly collaborative edition, with people sharing photographs, art and stories that celebrate the unique place that is Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre. Thank you to everyone who has helped me pull this edition together, I have always wanted to produce a RipRap on this part of Australia and it is great to see that wish come true. – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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  • Return to Kati Thanda – Aaron Stuart
  • Something in the Eyre – Steve Morton
  • Let me tell you about Sam – Vol Norris
  • Basin people (part one) – Desert Channels Queensland
  • Through my eyes – Peter Elfes
  • Towards arid zone security – Ninti One
  • Smart scientific decisions – Michele Akeroyd, Tony Minns, Neil Power, Dale McNeil
  • Aboriginal map making – Michelle Rodrigo, Vol Norris
  • Water cycles in the dry lands – Kate Forrest
  • Stories to learn from – Anne Poelina
  • Northern Australia – back on the agenda – Peter Cullen Trust
  • It’s wild out there – Matt Turner
  • Russian roulette with wild rivers – Karen Touchie
  • Red Ridge: My Earth Calls – Jan Brown
  • There’s an air about this place – Siwan Lovett, Angus Emmott
  • Basin people (part two) – Trevor Wright, Don Ransom, Rex Ellis
  • Connected flows – Juanita Hamparsum
  • Changes for the Arabana – Melissa Nursey-Bray
  • Degraded or just dusty? – Jen Silcock, Rod Fensham
  • Delicately smoked desert fish – Angus Duguid
  • Conserving Coongie lakes – Australian Government (Ramsar)
  • Basin people (part three) – Jo Lewington, Damien Williams
  • Annual check up – David Schmarr
  • Cooper’s waterholes – Henry Mancini
  • Digging the dirt on EMUs – Camilla Osborn
  • Longer lasting streams – Russell Grant, Paul Theakston
  • A frog with no name – Michael J. Tyler
  • Springs under threat – Sara Clifford
  • Pigs might fly? – Leigh Deutscher
  • Speak friend and enter – Gavin Mudd
  • The whole picture – Chris Moran
  • The highs and lows of modelling – Justin Costelloe
  • Small – but significant – Luise Hercus
  • A great big poster – Desert Channels Queensland
  • My Diamantina – Aulpunda, Jean Barr-Crombie, Wangkangurru-Yarluyandi people


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