Edition 40 – Thrive: Nature, Water and Wellbeing

Bringing this edition of RipRap together is a celebration of the amazing amount of work and capacity we are developing in managing water for the environment.  We are leading the world in our efforts to protect and restore the riverine ecosystems upon which we depend.  RipRap 40 has stories about waterbirds, seedlings, fish and food webs, as well as sharing insights about the people investigating how we can protect and restore our wonderful waterways.  Please share this edition widely so that others can connect with and enjoy all that we are achieving. – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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Thrive: nature, water and wellbeing

  • To thrive – it’s local, social and emotional

Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project

  • Waterbirds on the wing
  • Feathering their nests
  • Science meets management
  • Conversations that count
  • Grow with the flow
  • Giving woody seedlings a fighting start
  • Do floodplain trees need floods?
  • Exploring links in the food chain
  • Power supply
  • Calling all [native] fish

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

  • Managing the southern connections
  • Good advice from anglers
  • Fish friendly flows
  • Fine dining from waterways
  • Flows through our land

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

  • Conserving crucial corridors
  • Crossing the threshold
  • Watering in 2017-18
  • Oarsome
  • River stories
  • Third time lucky?
  • Regent Parrot reigns supreme

Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group

  • Community Spirit
  • Wetland champions

North Central Catchment Management Authority

  • Touch wood
  • Fishin’ the creeks

Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions
  • Clever ways with water
  • Ibis Hey, Heavenly Booligal!
  • Southern syndicates
  • Northern passage
  • A drink for our darling
  • Pooling refuges from blackwater


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