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    The RipRap magazine celebrates Australia’s wonderful and diverse riverine environments by featuring science and stories about different river management topics including fish, river health, environmental water and river management. The magazine is beautifully produced with fabulous images, robust content and practical insights from people who live, work and care about rivers, creeks, wetlands and billabongs.  RipRap is produced by the not for profit Australian River Restoration Centre, an organisation committed to sharing knowledge, valuing rivers and supporting people who care about our waterways. RipRap is a hard copy bi-annual publication that can be purchased directly from the ARRC shop. The RipRap Magazine App is now also available for download in PDF format.

    We are currently working on our next RipRap which has the theme of ‘Habitat makes Fish Happen’.  This edition is being generously funded by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and, as a result, will have a Murray-Darling Basin focus.  We expect the edition to be released in July 2016.  The RipRap Contributors Style Guide provides information and ideas for authors writing for the magazine.

    We are open to new ideas for themes and if you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring an edition of RipRap or want to advertise in the next magazine please contact us.

    Latest Editions

    Edition 40 – Thrive: Nature, Water and Wellbeing

    Bringing this edition of RipRap together is a celebration of the amazing amount of work and capacity we are developing in managing water for the environment.  We are leading the world in our efforts to protect and restore the riverine ecosystems upon which we depend.  RipRap 40 has stories about waterbirds, seedlings, fish and food webs, as well as sharing insights about the people investigating how we can protect and restore our wonderful waterways.  Please share this edition widely so that others can connect with and enjoy all that we are achieving. – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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    RipRap 39 Cover

    Edition 39: Habitat Makes Fish Happen

    Bringing together this edition of RipRap has been a pleasure. The stories demonstrate the depth of knowledge and effort going into understanding our native fish, and how we can create opportunities for them to thrive. A special thank you goes to Heleena Bamford at the Murray–Darling Basin Authority who tirelessly works to promote the science and practice of native fish management. John Koehn, Craig Copeland, Stuart Little and Jenny Nutter have also been great supporters, and of course Allison Mortlock, my fabulous designer who brings the stories to life with her creative skills. I hope you enjoy this edition and share it widely.

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    Edition 38: Australia’s Northern Rivers and Estuaries

    Northern Australia’s rivers and estuaries are unique and amazing, with outstanding conservation and cultural values. They are integral to the the lifestyles and livelihoods of northerners, and many Australians feel a strong connection to this part of our country. This edition of RipRap features stories about this fabulous part of Australia, with multiple perspectives providing thought-provoking articles, and stunning photos transporting you into this awesome riverscape.

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    Edition 37: Rivers of Carbon – Rivers of Life

    This edition of RipRap focuses on the multiple benefits that can be gained from river and riparian restoration. You will enjoy reading and sharing with others 70 pages packed full of wonderful science and stories about ‘the colour of living carbon’, and the opportunities carbon farming and carbon credits present us for promoting ongoing conservation efforts.

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    Edition 36: Celebrating Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

    It’s here! This edition of RipRap has amazing articles featuring great people and places. It is a truly collaborative edition, with people sharing photographs, art and stories that celebrate the unique place that is Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre. Thank you to everyone who has helped me pull this edition together, I have always wanted to produce a RipRap on this part of Australia and it is great to see that wish come true.

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    Edition 35: Restoring Rivers and Wetlands to Life

    Want to be inspired and amazed at the work going on around Australia to protect and restore our rivers and wetlands? Then this is a must see edition of RipRap! There are 72 pages full of the latest environmental protection, watering and research projects from across Australia, as well as the science and practice being undertaken to ensure water allocations are used to achieve multiple benefits.

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    Edition 34: Bringing Back Native Fish

    Edition 34 of RipRap is on ‘bringing back native fish’, and contains 60 pages of great articles featuring fish related science, on-ground works, oral history and community engagement from across Australia. It is a wonderful, uplifting edition, great to hand out at conferences, workshops and field days, as well as to have in the tea room at work, and as a reference document on what is happening ‘fish-wise’ in different parts of the country.

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    Past copies of RipRap are available from the Australian River Restoration Centre’s Resources section (there are 33 RipRaps to explore!).