RipRap 38 – Australia’s Northern Rivers and Estuaries


RipRap edition 38 is packed full of fabulous images, stories and science about a unique, interconnected mosaic of savanna woodlands, wetlands, rivers and estuaries, rainforests, dune fields, islands and coral reefs: Northern Australia.

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    Product Description

    Northern Australia’s rivers and estuaries are unique and amazing, with outstanding conservation and cultural values. They are integral to the the lifestyles and livelihoods of northerners, and many Australians feel a strong connection to this part of our country. This edition of RipRap features stories about this fabulous part of Australia, with multiple perspectives providing thought-provoking articles, and stunning photos transporting you into this awesome riverscape.

    – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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    • A northern forecast | Michael Douglas
    • Big wet ebbs and flows | David Crook
    • Top fuelled predators | Doug Ward
    • Protecting bush tucker | Samantha Setterfield & Sue Jackson
    • Alligator power | David Williams
    • Getting it right in the Daly | Vanessa Adams
    • Flows and fish in the north | Alison King
    • Fresh or salty? | Brad Pusey & Mark Kennard
    • Chasing cherabin | Peter Novak
    • Learning from past mistakes | Damien Burrows
    • The Gilbert’s soil: A cautionary tale | Andrew Brooks & John Spencer
    • eDNA: Transforming field surveys | Damien Burrows
    • Snap happy | Graeme Gillespie
    • Seeing grasslands through the trees | Melissa Sinclair
    • Protection and jobs or development dreams | Gavan McFadzean
    • Kimberley to Cape | Clare Taylor
    • Listen to what the research tells us | Richard Cresswell
    • A local perspective on development pressures | Damien Burrows
    • Fresh partners | Rebecca Dobbs
    • Partnerships help wetland health | NAILSMA
    • Working with land upstream helping land downstream | Scott Wilkinson
    • System repair is the new black | Donna-Marie Audas
    • Yirralka Rangers supporting communities | Marcus Barber
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