RipRap 39 – Habitat makes fish happen (PDF only)


This edition features stories on understanding our native fish, their habitat as well as discovering opportunities that can help them thrive. Explore the knowledge and effort that goes into understanding these fishes with Riprap Edition 39.

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    Product Description

    Bringing together this edition of RipRap has been a pleasure. The stories demonstrate the depth of knowledge and effort going into understanding our native fish, and how we can create opportunities for them to thrive. A special thank you goes to Heleena Bamford at the Murray–Darling Basin Authority who tirelessly works to promote the science and practice of native fish management. John Koehn, Craig Copeland, Stuart Little and Jenny Nutter have also been great supporters, and of course Allison Mortlock, my fabulous designer who brings the stories to life with her creative skills. I hope you enjoy this edition and share it widely.

    – Siwan Lovett, Editor

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    • Making fish ‘happen’ | Brenton Zampatti & Martin Mallen-Cooper
    • Creating recipes for native fish | Iain Ellis
    • One ‘flow’ does not ‘fit’ all fish | Katherine Cheshire & Anthony Townsend
    • Fish friendly suburbs | Andrew Norris
    • Buffering bumpy rivers | Greg Ringwood
    • What snag is that? | Vic Hughes
    • Barkindji ranger projects | Danielle Linklater
    • Is wood good for fish? | Zeb Tonkin & Jarod Lyon
    • Seeking refuge at watering holes | Jonathan Marshall
    • Going deep beneath the Barwon-Darling | Anthony Townsend
    • Ready, set, swim… actions for native fish | Craig Copeland & John Koehn
    • Restoring fish migration | Lee Baumgartner
    • Rethinking fish passage | Matthew Gordos & Craig Copeland
    • Diversion screening | Craig Boys
    • The secret life of Golden perch | Brenton Zampatti
    • E-water success tales in the Basin | Heleena Bamford
    • Fish moving freely at Katfish Reach | Lara Suitor
    • Fish finding their way | Jason Higham
    • Making every drop count… twice! | Peter Rose
    • Angler perspective: Matthew Hansen | Sam Davis
    • The licence to target hotspots | Renae Ayres
    • Modelling for fish populations | John Koehn
    • Maccas in the Murrumbidgee | Prue McGuffie
    • Keeping common fish common | Luke Pearce
    • Pygmy fish inspiring goliath action | Luke Pearce
    • Habitat and homes for hardyheads | Lara Suitor
    • Pike’s position scores a 10 | Brad Hollis
    • Fish River lives up to its name | Clare Kerr
    • No quibbling about carp | Matt Barwick
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