Restoring Wetland Function at Spotswoods Lagoon: Case Study

We are pleased to share this wonderful resource from North Queensland Dry Tropics – we hope you enjoy reading about this successful restoration story and some of the ways that similar principles could be applied elsewhere.

Restoring Wetland Function at Spotswoods Lagoon

Australian painted snipe.

This case study looks at how NQ Dry Tropics have been supporting a farmer to to remove weeds and restore habitat on Spotswoods Lagoon on his property.  The lagoon is a haven for many migratory water birds, however, in 2013 they were nowhere to be seen. By monitoring and reducing water use, controlling weeds, and restoring the natural seasonal wetting and drying processes, there has been

This is a story that is influencing other landholders to adopt new practices, and serves as a demonstration site to guide  how to manage other similarly-affected wetlands in the Lower Burdekin.

The complete case study is available to download here.

You can learn more about the work that NQ Dry Tropics have been doing and take advantage of their other case studies on their website.