Revitalising Estuaries at Jerona bund: Case Study

Here is another great resource from North Queensland Dry Tropics. You can also read about Restoring Wetland Function at Spotswoods Lagoon, which we uploaded here.

Revitalising Estuaries: Jerona bund

Casting netting at the wetland during the May 2016 survey.

A vital saltmarsh wetland was rehabilitated through joint collaboration between NQ Dry Tropics and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. This site was chosen as one of two pilot projects along the east Australian coast for revitalising estuaries in order to restore fisheries productivity, biodiversity and achieve other environmental outcomes. Originally constructed to allow for marginal grazing, the change in wetland type form an artificial freshwater system to a seasonally brackish one has improved conditions at the site.

This complete case study isĀ  available to download here.

You can learn more about the work that NQ Dry Tropics have been doing and take advantage of their other case studies on their website.