Rivers and people are inter-connected.  This connection is what motivates us to protect, restore and manage rivers for ourselves and for future generations.  We need to commit to rewarding success, as well as inspiring and supporting each other, so that we can achieve all that we want for our rivers and the communities that depend upon them.

Human beings are social animals, and we generally choose to live our lives with others around us, be they friends, family or work colleagues.  We feel it is important to invest in ourselves and to spend time thinking about and supporting yourself to do the things you want to do and enjoy the life you lead.   It is generally the case that we spend all our time focusing on the biophysical health of a river, without necessarily thinking about ourselves, or the impact some of the changes the river is undergoing will have on those that live along it.  Valuing people as integral parts of any river management project is essential, and we have brought together a few ideas about how to do this for yourself and those around you.

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