Take me to the river Episode 9:

Why is thinking about the future hard?

Guest Speaker: Associate Professor Lorrae van Kerkhoff

In this episode, Siwan has a Conversation over a Cuppa with Associate Professor Lorrae van Kerkhoff about why thinking about the future is hard, and the importance of institutional environments that allow for uncertain futures. Lorrae is the Director of the Institute for Water Futures and Associate Director of the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University. Lorrae uses a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex environmental and water problems. Lorrae explains the importance of creativity in problem-solving and planning for the future. She talks about how we, as humans, imagine our future selves as strangers, making it very difficult to anticipate the reality of the future. This is a thought provoking conversation and together Siwan and Lorrae delve into futures thinking, uncertainty and the adaptive capacity we are all going to need to develop for today and tomorrow.


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