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Some of the challenges NRM professionals face

Heavy workloads, high expectations and differing opinions about how our rivers and wetlands need to be managed.

Organisational cultures that focus on projects rather than people.

Lack of authentic leadership role models.

Limited opportunities to interact with others, learn and grow personally.

‘Leadership is finding your voice, inspiring others to find their voice, empowering people and executing actions that get the world better’

– Anyaele Sam Chiyson

How we support NRM Professionals

One-to-one coaching

Sometimes it is really useful to talk to a person outside your organisation about ideas, challenges and opportunities.  

Coaching enables you to do this by taking time out for yourself to explore short and long-term goals.   It is personalised, customised, and conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time and with a specific business purpose in mind.  

Siwan is an accredited executive coach, and runs workshop sessions providing people with the basics of coaching, as well as offering one to one coaching.

Twinning Is Winning Program

Mentoring is a powerful way of effecting change in organisations. This is because mentoring focuses on supporting an individual to achieve their goals in a way that is collaborative, personal and uniquely human.

People are social beings, yet in our fast-paced world we often neglect to invest in the relationships with peers and colleagues that sustain us. Mentoring creates an opportunity for two people to develop a relationship of trust and respect, and to work on a project that combines their skills, expertise and enthusiasm.

Siwan co-founded the Waterway Management Mentoring Program along with Adam Bester and Lucy Cameron from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority. This Program is now in its third year and going from strength to strength. It is an approach that can be applied anywhere and Siwan is available to provide training and insight into how mentoring can assist you and your organisation.

Peter Cullen Trust Program

Siwan co-facilitated this Program for five years because she believes authentic and empowered leaders are needed to engender confidence, create change and look optimistically at what communities can achieve working together.

To find out more about the Peter Cullen Trust Program follow this link.

Public speaking

Siwan, Lori and Antia enjoy public speaking and cover many different topics including riparian restoration, stakeholder engagement, valuing people and inspiring community action.    

If you would like one of them to speak at your event please get in touch 

The Winston Churchill Trust

The Winston Churchill Trust invested in Siwan by awarding her a travelling fellowship in 2006 to travel to Europe and investigate the feasibility of establishing an Australian River Restoration Centre. Well, she did just that, and she is now actively involved in paying that investment forward by encouraging people to apply for Churchill Fellowships, mentoring and working as an ACT Selection Panel member after three years on the ACT Committee. The Winston Churchill Trust believes in people and their ideas. Got a passion? Visit their website to see if they can help you make your dream into a reality.

To find out more about the Winston Churchill Trust, follow this link.

  • “When my employer initiated my coaching with Siwan I wasn’t sure what to expect, at the time we were going through a large business transition and facing a great deal of uncertainty. Siwan has helped bring a better level of clarity to my goals and values, not just in regards to work but in my personal life as well.I look forward to my coaching sessions with Siwan, she always displays a great deal of understanding, warmth and humour to any situation, and I regularly finish my sessions feeling self-assured and reinvigorated to pursue my goals.I continue to find the coaching experience very rewarding and would personally recommend Siwan as the ideal partner for anyone looking to pursue their goals with clarity and motivation.” 
    — Nicholas Proudman – Financial Planner, Conscious Money
  • “I really enjoyed the Twinning program last week. You are a fabulous facilitator. I have heard so many stories about how wonderful you are. All proven true. I particularly enjoyed the session about using story. So far this week, I’ve applied learnings about the golden circle, the 5 Ps and the story spine. So helpful! My reflection journal is getting a workout – trying to stay in the right mind frame using the 3 stars and a wish.”
    — Renae Ayers
  • "I really valued Siwan’s considered and insightful feedback. It was also the way she delivered it – it was warm, honest and personal, I also really enjoyed her company and the way she connected with people and really listened."
    — Daniel Garlick

Mentoring in action:
Our 2018 Twinning is Winning Stories

Meet the team

Siwan Lovett

☕: Skinny cappuccino

Inspiring, skilled and effective.  Siwan is a familiar face in the Australian river restoration community, with her work in communications, public speaking, leadership and on-ground riparian rehabilitation well-known and respected.  She enjoys facilitating and empowering others to value themselves and their knowledge so that rivers and waterways can be managed confidently, in partnership with nature.

Lori Gould
Program Manager

☕: Long black

Lori specialises in riparian rehabilitation projects that focus on engaging the community in improving biodiversity, linking vegetation, addressing salinity, etc. She is the on-ground Program Manager for Rivers of Carbon, a program she and Siwan co-founded six years ago Lori is practical, approachable and a great person to talk to about all things riparian. She is a skilled community practitioner and is always willing to share her experiences with others.

Antia Brademann
Program Coordinator

☕: Long black

Antia wears many hats as a Waterwatch Coordinator and Facilitator of the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach. A passionate paddler and lover of the river, Antia spends her time working with locals to protect and restore the Murrumbidgee from Casuarina Sands to the Headwaters. She is a great community connector, bringing landholders together to remove weeds, stabilise banks and create native fish habitat. Her interest is working with the community to build knowledge and share information and use it as part of locally tailored programs.

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