• Engaging Stakeholders
    in Natural Resource Management

    We connect with people by developing trusted relationships based on shared knowledge and respect.

    Our Approach

The importance of working in partnership with stakeholders

Ensuring technical knowledge is relevant, meaningful and able to be applied.

Empowering people to value their knowledge and to share this with others.

Creating vibrant communities by tailoring engagement approaches to meet their needs.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Lori and Siwan have been working with the VEWH on an Environmental Watering Regional Prioritisation Framework involving four Catchment Management Authorities and subject matter experts. This project is looking at how we can prioritise environmental watering across a region, rather than a catchment scale, by focusing on species life cycle requirements.

VEWH website

Siwan is part of a team focusing on stakeholder engagement and communications across a large team of environmental water researchers and practitioners. This project builds on the work of the Environmental Watering Knowledge and Research work and Long Term Intervention Monitoring investments made by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office.

EKWR website

Tailored Workshops

We have been working with West Gippsland CMA and Central West Local Land Services to tailor stakeholder workshops to meet their team’s needs.

“I thought it was excellent. They really get what we do, which makes a big difference compared to other workshops. Hugely helpful ideas whenever we shared a problem – both from the presenters but also from within the group. Massive thanks to Siwan and Pat.” – West Gippsland CMA

The case for social capital

The 5Ps: Our stakeholder engagement approach

The Five Ps below highlight the full range of factors (social, economic, environmental and spiritual) that impact on natural resources management decision making.



Highlighting multiple benefits achieved through river restoration, including shelter, beneficial wildlife, living haystack, firewood, improved water quality – and a lovely place for families to spend time.



The role of science in providing confidence to act. Our approach brings together many years of scientific research and practical testing in real-life situations.



Valuing the experience and knowledge we all bring, and sharing what we know. Ttaking the time to build relationships, listen to each other and develop mutual respect.



Recognising and acknowledging our connection to country, including our ‘places’ as part of our identity, and as custodians of a place to be handed to the next generation.



Basing our relationships on trust, mutual respect and a discussion about expectations to ensure they are realistic, respectful and lasting.

When you pause and reflect on what each of these Five Ps mean for your project or activity, you end up running through a process that ensures social, economic and environmental factors are covered in an easy and intuitive way.

  • "The success of the program is greatly influenced by the tireless efforts of the Director Dr Siwan Lovett.  I have known Siwan for many years, and could not think of a more dedicated advocate for rivers and wetlands.  Central to her success is her clear philosophy that managing landscapes is about managing relationships. She helps her communities to see themselves, and the aquatic systems that they care about, as part of that same community.  She has espoused this philosophy effectively and persuasively at every opportunity, and it has succeeded in changing the way both professionals and individuals across Australia see their restoration mission."
    — Professor Ian Rutherfurd

Meet the team

Dr Siwan Lovett

☕: Skinny cappuccino

Inspiring, skilled and effective.  Siwan is a familiar face in the Australian river restoration community, with her work in communications, public speaking, leadership and on-ground riparian rehabilitation well-known and respected.  She enjoys facilitating and empowering others to value themselves and their knowledge so that rivers and waterways can be managed confidently, in partnership with nature.

Lori Gould
Program Manager

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Lori specialises in riparian rehabilitation projects that focus on engaging the community in improving biodiversity, linking vegetation, addressing salinity, etc. She is the on-ground Program Manager for Rivers of Carbon, a program she and Siwan co-founded six years ago Lori is practical, approachable and a great person to talk to about all things riparian. She is a skilled community practitioner and is always willing to share her experiences with others.

Antia Brademann
Program Manager

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Antia wears many hats as a Waterwatch Coordinator and Facilitator of the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach. A passionate paddler and lover of the river, Antia spends her time working with locals to protect and restore the Murrumbidgee from Casuarina Sands to the Headwaters. She is a great community connector, bringing landholders together to remove weeds, stabilise banks and create native fish habitat. Her interest is working with the community to build knowledge and share information and use it as part of locally tailored programs.

Mary Bonet
Program Coordinator

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Mary is the Landcare Coordinator for Goulburn-Yass, as well as working with several other projects such as ‘Glideways’ and Kanangara to Wyngala. Mary was born and raised in the Goulburn District,where she manages a small farm and is closely connected to the local community. She is a Landcare professional with years of experience in Landcare and NRM, and has held various roles with community groups at district, regional and state level.

Pat Gudhka
Marketing Manager

 – Soy mocha

Enthusiastic, progressive and motivated. Pat is the digital wizard behind the ARRC, ensuring the science and the stories we share reaches the right audience through technology. He enjoys getting to develop the digital ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ for every project, offering value to anyone working in natural resource management who wants to share knowledge and empower others.

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